The Parasight device is a computer vision based platform for blood analysis. When used with the Malaria test kit, it is intended for quantitative detection of malaria. It combines computer-vision algorithms (image processing) to rapidly identify and quantify blood components (e.g. red blood cells) and blood anomalies (e.g. parasites) in an automated fashion.

The Parasight platform is a high throughput device, suitable for batch and asynchronous loading. Each batch contains up to 30 samples. It is fully automated, simple for operation, and enables rapid testing and analysis.

The Parasight platform consists of a Scanning and Analyzing Device as well as a Sample Preparation Kit containing custom-built disposable plastic cartridges to create an efficient, standardized and uniform version of the “thin blood smear”, that is easy to prepare within 15 seconds. These cartridges require only a small drop of blood that can be obtained with a finger-stick or from a tube. The Parasight device reports, in less than 4 minutes, the diagnosis (Positive/Negative), parasitemia count (percentage of infected red blood cells), and speciation (determination of the specific species of malaria). Results are automatically transferred to the laboratory information system (LIS).

SightDx monitors the Parasight status in real-time using a PRMS (Pro-active Remote Management System), and provides quick, customized remote repair and software upgrade services.