April, 2016

Quoting from the report:
“Although several groups are working in this area, only one company, Sight Diagnostics Ltd (Israel), has developed and launched an automated microscopy platform. The technology uses a novel sample preparation method with custom-designed and low-cost cartridges to create an enhanced automated microscopist. The cartridge is loaded into the device, which scans and analyses a large number of fields, taking high-resolution images. Images are processed using state-of-the-art machine vision techniques. The first-generation device is a benchtop instrument capable of batch processing. Results of clinical trials in India and South Africa are forthcoming and the device has been placed in several large malaria pathology laboratories for customer validation in Europe, India and South Africa. The company is developing a low- throughput portable device (expected in 2016) and a complete blood count analysis (i.e. ve point differential)“