Sight Diagnostics has engineered a fully automated florescent microscope. This unique and low-cost scanning device is capable of providing rapid and high quality florescent images using advanced scanning technologies. These images are then processed by proprietary algorithms, developed by our R&D elite team, which detect the presence of blood abnormalities.

The automated scanning  technology combines cutting edge computer‐vision algorithms and patented fast focus techniques, custom low‐cost hardware and novel blood‐preparation techniques. The automated microscope is the size of an office printer and requires no internal liquid reagents.

The first application, the Parasight platform, is already being used in labs around the world to detect malaria in a rapid, reliable and completely automated fashion. Total diagnostic processing time is under 3 minutes per sample. The device’s simple user-interface provides a complete malaria diagnosis, including species identification and number of parasites per micro-liter (mcL), and integrates into the laboratory information system (LIS).

SightDx monitors the device status in real-time using an RMS (Remote Management System), and provides quick, customized services when a problem occurs. Customers have the option of receiving remote repair services using Remote Access Assistance.