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Clinton Family Care - Mississippi, USA

Dr. David B. Wheat MD

Physician, POL

The number one reason to deploy OLO was to reduce overhead cost. With OLO, we do not need to manage all the reagents, diluents and cleaning supplies, in addition to the quality control materials, which can be quite a lot of administrative work for a lean staff like ours. The real value is customer service, and Sight is just exceptional. It’s so far beyond anything I’ve seen in the industry.

University of Cincinnati Medical Center - Ohio, US

Pamala Travis

Technical Specialist for Point of Care

OLO makes near patient testing a reality at UC Health. I am impressed with the 5-part diff accuracy and the 10 minutes turnaround time. All it takes is 2 drops of blood in one cuvette, without any wet consumables. Best of all, no calibration or maintenance. It's truly a game changer.

Nicklaus Children's Hospital - Miami, US

Dr. Steven Melnick

Chief, Department of Pathology

To treat children in our urgent care centers, a CBC is essential. OLO represents a major innovation in our laboratories’ CBC analysis: low blood volume (finger-prick) sampling for a five-part differential with flagging. It’s a truly welcome development. At current volumes, we believe OLO could substantially reduce our costs.

Boston Children's Hospital - Boston, US

Dr. Carlo Brugnara

Director, Hematology Lab

OLO’s performance is comparable to analyzers that are 50 times bigger and much more complicated to operate. The ability to take that much analytical power outside of the central lab and bring it to any setting where you can perform a CBC analysis in minutes has huge implications for hospital wards, such as oncology clinics, emergency rooms and beyond.

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Oxford, UK

Ian Smith

Screening Laboratory and Point of Care Testing Manager

One of the main benefits of Sight OLO is that it’s easy to maintain. Because it has a cartridge-based system that stores all the reagents within a single cartridge, it doesn’t require buffer packs or calibrations that may require further maintenance. Sight OLO can both improve and expedite the treatment decision process for our healthcare providers.

Oldham Integrated Care Centre - Manchester, UK

Helen Light

Research Nurse, Pennine MSK Partnership

OLO has user friendly prompts for each step of the preparation so it’s impossible to go wrong. It even completes its own QC checks. It can be invaluable to have the patient's FBC within the consultation.

Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center - Tel Aviv, ISR

Dr. Ram Doolman

Director, Laboratories Division & Automated Mega-Laboratory

The Sight OLO successfully completed a comprehensive evaluation study at the Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center. The evaluation compared OLO’s performances to a state-of-the-art analyzer and experienced microscopists, across a wide clinical range. OLO’s excellent performance exceeded predefined acceptance criteria in all aspects. Following the evaluation, we have started a research collaboration with the aim to explore the diagnostic potential of visual signatures in the blood images among different patient populations, including those with COVID-19.



July 15, 2021

An Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Diagnostic Platform for Rapid Near-Patient Hematology

Hematology analyzers capable of performing complete blood count (CBC) have lagged in their prevalence at near-patient care. Sight OLO® is a novel hematological platform which provides a 19 parameter, five-part differential CBC, and is designed to address the limitations in current hematology analyzers using recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision.

Regulatory Submissions

November, 1st 2019
FDA 510 (k) Clearance