Sight OLO
is for Lab Managers

You deserve tools as precise and efficient as you are. Here’s how OLO makes it possible.

Accurate results, the first time

Sight OLO provides 5-part CBC results with 19 parameters and sophisticated flagging capabilities that is FDA 510(k) cleared for blood taken directly from either a finger prick or a venous sample. Actionable results in a variety of CLIA certified moderately complex clinical settings help reduce reflex tests coming to your lab. That means less disruption to your regular workflow and less manual film review, so your attention stays on your most critical work.

No mess, no stress

Sight OLO uses one disposable cartridge per test, eliminating the need for reagent procurement, hazardous material storage and liquid waste disposal. The analyzer can be operated between 64.4-86°F and the test kit can be stored between 64.4-78.8°F. There’s no special setup required—all you need is a power outlet, and it’s always on when you need it.

No maintenance, it just works

Sight OLO comes factory calibrated for a quick setup and requires no maintenance or manual QC. The time you save by decreasing device downtime can have ripple effects on your lab’s workload. Sight’s remote support proactively monitors any issues that may occur and can resolve most of them quickly without having to send someone onsite.

Easy oversight delivers peace of mind

With Sight OLO, operators don’t need special skills or experience to operate the analyzer, and it’s easy to train them using the step-by-step, on-screen guide. OLO’s internal Failsafe mitigates any potential issues with the sample or sample preparation, guaranteeing trusted, error-free results with each test. Equally importantly, OLO lets you set different levels of access permissions, so you can have complete control over who can operate the device, including traceability of operator activities.

Electronic results available in minutes

Labs and lab managers are being asked to handle more critical work than ever. When you’re working with Sight OLO, the simple efficiency of the process means you have more bandwidth to devote to processing urgent samples and taking the pressure off of your staff. With full results ready in minutes via touchscreen interface, printout, email, or LIS/middleware, Sight OLO saves you the hassle of transcribing results or manual input.

Cost efficient

By reducing the need to buy, store, and dispose of hazardous material and reagents, as well as the downtime associated with maintenance, QC and reagent management, Sight OLO can potentially deliver significant cost and time savings. And its accurate results help you avoid reruns and reflex testing, which could save you time and human resources that are better spent processing new tests.

in Blood Diagnostics

Sight OLO represents a culmination of cutting edge innovations in physics, optics, sample preparation and AI based computer vision algorithms. This breakthrough allowed Sight to be recognized as one of The World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2019 by Fast Company.