Sight OLO
is for Patients

You deserve to feel better as quickly and as easily as possible. Here’s how OLO makes it happen.

It just takes two drops

If you have the choice between a quick finger prick and having a needle in your vein, why not choose the less scary, less invasive option? Sight OLO requires just two drops of blood, and it has been validated for patients as young as three months—so even the most sensitive patients can get precise results.

Less waiting, less worry

Let’s be honest: if your doctor is running a CBC, you probably have some concerns about your health. No one wants to wait and wonder about that. With Sight OLO, your doctor can access your blood results on-screen in minutes to start putting your mind at ease with minimal delay.

Quick results, better care

Sometimes the difference between getting results in minutes and getting them in a couple of hours or days can make a big difference in how you and your doctor develop a plan of care. Because Sight OLO gives accurate results within minutes, you never have to delay in getting on the road to recovery.

Done in one appointment

When you need a blood test, you shouldn’t have to go to your doctor, then to draw blood in a designated lab, then back to your doctor to get results. With Sight OLO, you never have to run around to get your CBC results again

Confidence in your care

Sight OLO is convenient without ever compromising on accuracy. It is the first CBC analyzer that is FDA 510(k) cleared for blood taken directly from either a finger prick or a venous sample and is regulatory approved for clinical use in more than 35 countries.

in Blood Diagnostics

Sight OLO represents a culmination of cutting edge innovations in physics, optics, sample preparation and AI based computer vision algorithms. This breakthrough allowed Sight to be recognized as one of The World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2019 by Fast Company.