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Our Work
The faster we diagnose, the faster we can treat. At Sight Diagnostics, we aim to improve health through fast and accurate diagnostic testing. Sight’s latest device, OLO, performs a Complete Blood Count, the most commonly ordered blood test, in minutes. It’s compact and designed for use in low volume settings.
Our Culture
We are excited by tackling big, complicated problems as a team. We succeed through cross-disciplinary collaboration and promoting a transparent, non-hierarchical culture: where challenge and discussion are everyday norms. Success is also about time off-mission, spent outside the office, enjoying the other important parts of life.
Our People
Sight is a rapidly growing team of 150 individuals, working together on a common mission. We value diversity: combining different professions, backgrounds, and beliefs creates different ways of thinking. Our people are united by two shared qualities: being exceptional at what they do and caring deeply about making positive change.
Our Offices
Sight has growing offices in London, New York City, and Tel Aviv.
Open Roles
Head of Delivery - Tel Aviv, Israel
Product Specialist - Tel Aviv, Israel
Product Training Specialist - Tel Aviv, Israel
Production engineer - Tel Aviv, Israel
Production QA engineer - Tel Aviv, Israel
Senior Biology Scientist - Tel Aviv, Israel
Senior Software Developer - Tel Aviv, Israel
Software QA - Tel Aviv, Israel
Software QA Team Leader - Tel Aviv, Israel
Supplier QA engineer - Tel Aviv, Israel
Talent-Acquisition Partner - Tel Aviv, Israel
VP Product - Tel Aviv, Israel
Sight is an equal opportunities employer. We don’t discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or disability.