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The revolution has begun

OLO. The first complete blood count device for point-of-care

Forget waiting for days to receive lab results. With OLO, doctors will have the answers they need within a single office visit.


A proven solution

The story of OLO began three years ago with the introduction of Parasight - a breakthrough diagnostic solution for the quick and accurate detection of malaria using digital fluorescent microscopy and computer vision algorithms. Healthcare providers have been searching for years for an alternative to manual microscopy, a time consuming method that requires trained personnel.
Parasight offers an accurate, cost-effective and simple-to-use solution that delivers extraordinary diagnostic accuracy (sensitivity/specificity of more than 99%, limit of detection of 150 par/µL) with minimal training and maintenance.

To date, Parasight has been sold in 24 countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe, with more than 600,000 malaria tests shipped.


malaria kills
435,000 yearly




600,000 kits sold


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