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Image of the OLO device
CE Marked for point of care and FDA 510(k) cleared for moderately complex settings






Works for Lab Managers

Sight OLO makes on-site blood testing possible anywhere, at any time. Easy to learn and use, it produces CBC results in minutes—using a sample from a finger prick or venous draw. What’s more, it doesn’t require calibration or maintenance.


Works for Clinicians

Now, clinicians will have the data and their patients together in the same room, without an excessive wait time, or having to schedule another appointment. This enables faster, more definitive treatment decisions at the point of care.


Works for Patients

Tests can be done with just a single finger prick and two drops of blood. Patients get results the very same visit, reducing the anxiety of waiting to hear back. Most important, treatment can start fast, helping to optimize outcomes.


We are pioneers of what’s possible.