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The revolution has begun

OLO. The first complete blood count device for point-of-care

Forget waiting for days to receive lab results. With OLO, doctors will have the answers they need within a single office visit.

Image of the OLO device

Company growth trajectory

The story of OLO began in 2015, with the application of Sight’s digital fluorescent microscopy and advanced computer vision algorithms to revolutionize how Complete Blood Count (CBC) tests are done in the world. This innovation has since received FDA 510(k) clearance for use in moderate complexity laboratories in the United States.
Outside of the United States, OLO has the CE Mark according to the IVD European directive in point of care settings.

OLO, together with Parasight, OLO’s predecessor that diagnoses malaria based on the same breakthrough technology, extend Sight’s commercial footprint and impact across 5 continents.
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